Sunday, 1 June 2014


Been having a play with this page/card front. I treated myself to the new kit from Alexis Design Studio and collected the free kit from the ADS facebook page to go with it and had a play in CAP2, creating an overlay from one of my own photos. The main bp has the overlay on it and some fx applied. The same paper is just as it is in the pack as the mat behind the buddha. The "quote" is just something that I came up with.


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Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Flutterby, Butterfly

I thought it was about time that I updated the blog. It's been somewhat manic lately, but sometimes you've just gotta make time! lol! I've used various kits for this card front. All put together in CAP2, with some recolouring and playing about with different effects. I used the lace at the top twice to make it a little more prominent.

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Monday, 31 March 2014

CAS Art Deco

I seem to be getting more into CAS styles at the moment so when I saw the sketch at CD Sunday I couldn't resist. I love these toppers from CD3 of Joanna Sheens Fashion Boutique CD roms and they popped into my head as soon as I saw this sketch. I decided to give them an embossed frame on the backing paper which I did in Craft Artist using the new overlay technique (tutorials here and here) and placed the ribbon between the papers and the toppers, having flipped one of the toppers horizontally. Apart from the two gems holding the ribbon at each end, I decided to just add pearls as per the sketch and no more embellishments - I think less was definitely more here. The backing paper is available in the freebie pack to download from the tab above.
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Saturday, 29 March 2014

They Think It's All Over... is now! These are the final pages for my nieces' album. They now have it in their possession and to say that they are delighted with it would be something of an understatement, lol! They had no idea I was making it so it came as a complete surprise to them which I am sure was part of the pleasure for them. I think the photo on the right is probably my favourite in the entire album, they just look so wrapped up in each other it's as if the rest of the world doesn't exist. I've used mostly Alexis Design Studio's Sterling Roses Simplistic Minimalist kit with a few bits from other ADS kits. The falling in love with you word art is part of the kit so I copied is as closely as I could for the second page. I've also used a couple of photo masks from a Daisy Trail kit. I was going to slot removable tags into some of the pages but changed my mind on that one but have still made them and tucked them into a pocket in the back of the album. The decorated side of each one has a different love/marriage related quotation and they can write memories of the day on the back of them  for their children and grandchildren to enjoy in the future. I'll have to find something else to do with my time now! D)

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Tuesday, 25 March 2014

I'm In The Mood For Dancin'......

Two more pages for my niece's album today. I have a couple more to share with you and that is it done! I have thoroughly enjoyed making it and have extended my skills and knowledge in the process - can't be bad!
I've used a new kit to create both pages, Sterling Roses by Alexis Design Studio. I used one of my own digi stamps to create the embossing on the two backing papers. If you'd like to know the quick and easy way to do this, there's a couple of tutorials here.

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Friday, 14 March 2014

A Trip Down Memory Lane

I was having trouble trying to decide what to do for hubby's birthday card this year so decided on a bit of a 'blast from the past'. He always loved cards I made using stampscape stamps but there's only so many I can make him really and I left off them for a few years, so this year I decided to dust them off again and create this scene with it's promise of spring. Having stamped my scene out and coloured it with Derwent inktense pencils, I decided to take my finished picture into Craft Artist to create the card layout. I created the 'embossed' butterflies and text in CAP2 and the foliage comes from several kits - I decided to use foliage with the card being for a man. You can't see it very clearly in this picture but I've also used the scene as part of the backing paper for the base part of the easel card and there is a verse hidden under the upright. 
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Saturday, 1 March 2014

Catch A Falling Star...

Following on from the previous post on dusting off some of my own stuff, I decided to use a digi stamp from 2009. I was sitting in the car waiting for my husband when I drew it and I kept getting some strange looks from people passing by - I think they thought I was making notes for something. This time, I set myself the challenge of using it on a scrapbook page and this photo of my gorgeous niece dating back to 2006/7 was ideal. Her expression does kinda look like she's wondering how she ended up where she is I think. I paper pieced the jeans with a piece of denim paper from Joanna Sheen's Fashion Boutique CD1 then changed the colour in CAP2. The top is paper pieced too. Apart from the digi stamp, papers for the paper piecing and stars, everything else is from the Chut je reve scrapbooking kit from Go Digital Scrapbooking. It's rare that I stick more or less to the one kit, but I've done so with this one a few times now.

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Saturday, 22 February 2014

Spring Daisy

I decided to just have a play morning this morning before I go and watch the 6 nations. Since I decided to close Crafty Ann's last year, I've neglected lots of my own stuff so I decided it's time to dust a few things off and this is the first. The papers, bow and butterflies are from Butterfly Garden from Daisy Trail and the daisy is one of my own from the 3D flower collection. I have turned the pre-coloured daisy/gerberas into a kit for use in Craft Artist and if you want it, you'll find the download link under the freebies tab above. The gerberas come in 5 colours and there is an instruction sheet for how to use them too. Having made my daisy, I copied it twice and re-sized to use as embellishments.
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Friday, 21 February 2014

Spring is in the air!

Well the sun poked it's head out for a little while this morning and it made me hope for spring so I thought I'd give it a help along with a spring themed card! I created the card in Craft Artist 2 (how did I manage before I got this program????) using papers from the freebie kit you can get from the tab above. I changed the colour of one of the papers to make it more cream - just in case you're searching through them trying to find it. The digi of the daffodils in the mug is one of my own. I decided to keep this one simple so only added brads/card candy which I made from the green paper.

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Wednesday, 19 February 2014

With This Ring

This is another double pager for my niece's wedding album. I couldn't resist the lovely photo of my great nephew and great niece so it just had to be scrapped! Lewis looked so proud to be 'in charge' of the ring cushion, although if her expression is anything to go by, I'm not altogether sure that Ellie fully trusts him not to drop them, lol! I created the pages in Craft Artist 2 using a mixture of kits with the bulk of the embellishments coming from one I got a couple of days ago. A lot of the members of the Craft Artist Creative~Cappers group I belong to on Facebook, have been experimenting with 'out of the frame' techniques and I thought the the photo with Lewis holding the cushion was a perfect one to use this technique for. I couldn't do it for the other one because the photo doesn't have Kerry's full fingers on. Below you can see what the pages will look like side by side in the album. 

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Sunday, 2 February 2014

A Little Birdie Told Me...

I picked up a lovely kit yesterday from Studio Dawn Inskip Scrapbook Graphics called Spread a little happiness. I made it into a kit ready to use in Craft Artist and was having a look through the papers and elements to see what's in it, not intending to make anything but this card just seemed to start taking shape! I was also trying something out because our February challenge on a small forum I belong to is 3D. Digital 3D is acceptable so I wanted to see if I could make it look as though parts had been cut out and decoupaged so using cut out studio in CAP2, I cut out the just the bird's body and just the heart of the charm. I did a lot of mucking about with the shadow under the bird's body, changing size, distance, blur and colour but decided not to use the 3D tools because it changed the colour of the bird too much but used the 3D tools on the heart as well as mucking about with the shadows etc. To make it more tactile, I do intend to add these two things to the card as decoupaged items in reality, but the question is: do you think I've succeeded in what I set out to do?
I've got my niece's birthday card sorted  for next month so I'm happy - just need to get her twin brother's done now!
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Monday, 27 January 2014


It's been a couple of weeks since my last post because I've been very busy creating pages for and helping to build a new website for hubby - it's all good stuff though, I'm getting to use my design talents (such as they are!) for the business and learning lots of new stuff too. I managed to grab a bit of time yesterday to do another two pager for my niece's wedding album though. I used a lovely new kit that I treated myself to by Alexis Design Studio called Forever in my heart. There's some beautiful stuff in there although I added a few things from other kits too. I created the pages in CAP2 and used one of the punches that came with the most recent patch for the program along the top edge of the smaller papers. I did a little recolouring to work better with the photos.
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Sunday, 12 January 2014

With Love

I got an email from Daisy Trail offering me 3 lovely Hearts Designs kits for the price of 1 so I treated myself - well it would be rude not to wouldn't it???? I've had a slightly unusual play with them today though. I think they will work rather well for the wedding album I'm in the middle of and had intended to make another couple of pages for it but ended up getting slightly side tracked making a card for a friend who is going through a bit more than her fair share at the moment. The panel where I have put the 'with love' sentiment is rather nice and I felt it would make a good frame too so used cut out studio to take the centre part out (at this point I was still intending to make a scrapbook page). It was a bit of a fiddle going around the flowers etc but was worth the effort. I ended up using it on this card too to give a bit of a shadow box effect. I also did a bit of blending and colour changing in CAP2.
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Monday, 6 January 2014

Lovely Ladies

These two pages take me exactly half way through my niece's Wedding album. Although the photos are in colour, I changed them to tone in with the colour way on these pages. I've done something I don't normally do here and used a stacked page for the base that I got just this morning. It's by Alexis Design Studio and I really liked it. I've added to it too as well as using some blending and other effects and creating some glitter edges around the photos to echo the glitter around the edges of the main paper in CAP2. I'm very happy with the effect and happy that I've still done a lot of them myself.
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Saturday, 4 January 2014


I've called this post "Happiness!" because I think it radiates from my lovely niece and her new husband here. These next two pages are rather different from what I expected when I set out to do them, but I rather like the surprise it brings when that happens. The album is almost half way there now and she has no idea that I'm doing it - I only hope they won't be celebrating their 1st anniversary by the time I get it finished!! The backing paper is from the freebie pack that you can get if you click on the tab above, the embellishments and tags are from several different kits. I've changed the colours of vellum mat and the tag on the right hand page in CAP2.

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